Vegan Ethos is a community resource for ethical vegans. For the ethical vegan, veganism does not end at the bottom of the list of ingredients. Ethical vegans reject the commodity status of animals and the use of animal products for any purpose. Ethical veganism recognizes the connection between the rights of humans and the rights of non-human animals. The ethical vegan acknowledges the value and the importance of a vegan diet, and from that foundation strives to eliminate the exploitation of animals in every possible aspect of life.

Vegan Ethos will gradually grow to include:

  • A message board for vegans and transitioning-to-vegans, moderated to encourage a safe atmosphere and respectful discourse for all members of the community.
  • Resource guides to topics such as nutrition, parenting, companion animals, products, travel, cooking and recipes, and more.
  • A searchable, customizable recipe database.
  • Blogs on vegan-specific topics, as well as not-necessarily-vegan topics covered from a vegan point of view.
  • Member chat rooms and messaging.
  • A lending library of ebooks (and possibly print books as well).
  • A shop — featuring goods handmade by members as well as merchandise — to help fund the site and raise funds for charities.

This is a big project, and Vegan Ethos is reaching out to all of you diversely talented and incredibly resourceful vegans to join us in growing this community. We are currently seeking message board moderators, resource guide builders, researchers, and bloggers. The founders would love to hear from you! Send emails to .

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